Helsinki Finland and Weekend Fest!

Welcome to Helsinki

I flew into Helsinki from Copenhagen Denmark. Now if you thought Denmark people were nice then you’ve never been to Finland. Finish people have got to be the nicest and politest people on the planet. They may seem nosey at first but they are genuinely interested in where you came from, who you are, what you are doing and how you are doing! And this was all before I even left the airport. I went outside and took a taxi to my hotel which was about a 30 minute taxi ride away in Tapiola, and it only cost me about 20 euros. Tapiola is a very nice area across the bay from the main core. It’s quite with well groomed trees and shrubs everywhere. I highly recommend staying in this area. Its gorgeous.  The taxi driver was very polite and was very knowledgeable and he gave us a little history tour while driving the city and veered off course at no extra charge!

I had rented an apartment through Airbnb for about €90/night, since we were going to weekend Fest, a beautiful festival on the water in a very nice park in downtown Helsinki called Hietaniemi.

Day 1- we walked around downtown Helsinki and took in all the old Architecture and cobblestone roads. There were really talented street performers playing on every corner. The general vibe of the city was a grunge music vibe, with all the young adults wearing black tshirts and ripped Jean’s, supporting black mascara and painted black finger nails. It was kind of like the Hollywood of Europe! Being so close to St Petersburg, Russia it had the same general vibe as there. It was the place to flock to if you were a young and upcoming musician.

Day 2- Weekend Festival

Weekend Fest is a three-day Festival that is usually on a weekend but for this particular event we were only going to attend one night. Saturday night . The Festival hosts such DJs as David Ghuetta, Axwell and Ingrosso,  knife party and then other musicians such as Macklemore and The Prodigy,  Etc . The festival Gates opened at around 7 p.m. so we took a taxi down to the main Park area. The Park area was flooded with young drunkin adults. Oh what a time to be alive. Upon entering the gates the first sight we saw, was five security guards tackling a drunken young adult that had obviously caused a Ruckus just previous. This is the corner stone of knowing you are walking into a great festival!

Everybody in the crowd was super friendly. You could just go up and say hi to anybody and then be best friends with them. Which is also another Cornerstone of any Festival being great, the people and how friendly they are. But in all reality every Festival is full of happy-go-lucky party people. That’s what makes Festivals so great. Joining people from around the world and making new international friends. If you haven’t been to a festival yet, I highly advise you to go to one as soon as you can. Simply put, it will change your life for the better. I promise.

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Nature/Landscape- 6/10

Food- 7/10

Price- $$$$

Alcohol price- $$$

Locals- extremely friendly and all spoke perfect English




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