St Petersburg Russia- land of hipster Russians


Welcome to St. Petersburg

I didn’t know it before I landed but apparently St Petersburg is where you travel to if you are wanting to become a famous Russian musician. Sort of like the Hollywood of the United States. Totally different from Moscow where it’s all business oriented, everybody’s suited up with ties and nice shoes. St Petersburg is quite the opposite. Hipsters dressed in ripped jeans, cargo jackets and musician hats. You’ll even see the odd man bun. The streets are clad with ancient architecture and full of pubs, dive bars, Jazz bars and live music. There are all kinds of restaurants as far as you can imagine from Turkish to British and of course Russian cuisine establishments all strung along the gorgeous canals of St P.

After Pub hopping all evening, head down and watch the drawing of the bridges. it’s a sight to see! Everybody stops partying for 45 minutes and then take to the streets to watch the bridges go up. There’s even a big fireworks celebration as it happens. Then when it’s over, head back indoors to your newest favorite watering hole and start making Russian friends. Or rent a horse and ride it around the city while buzzed. There are many available! Whatever you’re into, St. P will not disappoint you!

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Peterhoff Palace is a great place to visit with your time in St P. With it’s wonderful array of magical fountains and perfectly groomed shrubs. There’s also many parks with different themes and a very nice view overlooking the ocean.20180813_130103.jpg20180813_130220.jpg20180813_130144.jpg20180813_130144-1.jpg20180813_135652.jpg20180813_133106.jpg20180813_132610.jpg20180813_132953.jpg20180813_135446.jpg

Please put Russia near the top of your bucket list. I implore you to visit this great land. Go see for yourself how friendly and polite Russian culture is. You will be pleasantly surprised to be able to leave all the western media generated stereotypes behind. There’s great beer and great vodka free flowing for a great price.

St Petersburg

Landscape – 7/10

Price- $$$

Food- 8/10

Alcohol Price- $$

Locals- Very Friendly and all spoke English very well

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