Shiprocked Cruise – Miami – Bahamas

Welcome Aboard!

A four day cruise leaving from Miami that sets sail to an island in the Bahamas in which is a heavy metal Rock concert the entire time on the ship. Hosted by Octane Channel on Sirius XM and also Norweigian Cruise lines, musicians such as 3 Days Grace, Sevendust, Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach, Etc entertain the guests all day and night for 4 nights. A single room for the 4-day cruise will cost you somewheres around $ 1500 but I upgraded to a double room with a balcony for a grand total of $3,500 CA. That price only covers the cruise, your accommodation and also your food. Your alcohol is going to cost you extra. And at $7 a drink it sure ads up in a hurry. But don’t worry you won’t know how much it’s adding up because they link your credit card to a drink card when you get on the boat and youll just wildy and belligerently swipe your drink card for the four days without knowing how much you’re spending at all. You’ll receive the bill (or damage, if you will) at the end of the cruise. The price tag is actually worth it though, if you’re a die-hard rock-and-roll fan because all the musicians hang out and drink with you on the boat the entire time. They don’t segregate themselves from their beloved fans.

Day number 1

Arrive in Miami the night previous and head out on the town upon dry land. Miami has many amazing party scenes and they are not cheap. But that’s a story for another time. Skip ahead- Next morning wake up extremely hungover, go to hotel lobby bar for breakfast and mimosas and then head to the port. Enter the lineup for the boat for the security check which in all honesty was really Lacking! They’re just madly shuffling people through it as fast as they can to load the 2500 rockers onto the boat so they can set sail on time! Enter the boat, find our room and drop of our bags. Time to go get a beer. We can hear music playing from on top of the ship as we were standing in the lineup so we hurried up to the top to the discover Five Finger Death Punch rocking out on top of the ship already before it even left the Harbour. Needless to say, time to commence operation day drunk. Once all the passengers were aboard the ship, it set sail at about 5 p.m. We are now heading to a privately owned island in the Bahamas, by the cruise line. We will park there for 2 days and have a party and concert on the beach.

Day number 2

Time to wake up and go get breakfast. The food on cruise ships is absolutely phenomenal. And the most hilarious part about this Cruise was that they had a whole bunch of Filipinos hired with spray bottles of hand sanitizer such that if you did didn’t use the automatic hand sanitizer stations before entering the restaurants or cafeterias, they would run and chase you down with squirt bottles of hand sanitizer, squirting your hands profusely while yelling “washy washy, happy happy” at you! Haha really making a spectacle of the fact that you are a dirty bum! This trained you to sanitize your hands on your own pretty quickly! After breakfast we discovered that the concert and party on the beach would commence at noon.

We jump aboard the boat that takes you to the beach and then we go find a nice area to sit. Grab a couple of beach chairs and a table and grab a couple of drinks from the bar. We ended up sitting beside these cool looking guys and got talking to them and drinking with them for a solid hour or so. They eventually asked me what I did for work in Canada and I went on to explain that I worked on oil rigs. They were blown away by that and they wanted to know everything about it so I told them some oil rig stories. So then I proceeded to ask them what they did for work. They all looked at each other awkwardly and then looked back at me smiling and said “aaaaahmmmm, we’re Three Days Grace!” I said “oh shit, sorry about that.” They laughed and said, “no that’s cool”. Anyway we ended up talking to them and drinking with them for another couple hours while the concerts went on, on stage.

Later on I stumbled upon Papa Roach. He was smoking a joint on the beach and I went and talked to him for a little bit. And let me tell you, that guy is cool! He put on an amazing performance later that night as well. Then I went and had a couple of drinks with Kayla and Shannon Gunz from Sirius XM. Those chicks are really cool too. But I suppose everyone is cool when on vacation! Why wouldn’t you be right? Later on I found Sevendust and also Five Finger Death punch.

At around 5 p.m. the party moves from the beach back onto the top side side of the ship. Along with other concert venues going on in the lobby bar and theater rooms as well.

Day number 3

more of the same, party on a beach in the middle of the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean , while rocking out to numerous other rock bands.

In the evening, Three Days Grace performed and I remember watching them and thinking, “holy shit, it is them I was drinking and partying with the entire day on the beach yesturday!” I’m not the type of guy to get nervous around famous people anyhow. After all they are just normal humans like us! But I wondered, had I had known, would I had acted differently? None the less it was a cool experiance!

Day number 4

Set sail back to Miami with copious other heavy metal bands playing music all over the ship in various locations. There were even a few secret concerts in hidden areas that they didnt advertise. You had to either stumble upon them or hear about them through word of mouth through your various new short term party friends.

Halo Method being one of them that popped a surprise venue in the lobby of the ship. Apparently lead singer Lukas Rossi was too hung over the day previous to perform! After all, they are just human like us! If you’ve never checked out Lukas Rossi before, I highly advise you to Youtube him. He is an incredible vocalist. He had a surprise duet with lead singer Amy Lee from Evanescence, which was absolutely incredible.

In conclusion, if you love music and have never been on a cruise before but are thinking about taking a cruise, then I suggest this as a great option for you. There are many other music themed cruises to choose from such as Holy Ship, the EDM equivalent of Ship Rocked. Or Groove cruise, country music based cruises, blues cruises!

There are many options to choose from. And considering that the boat is massive but after one full day aboard it you will have seen the entire thing. And if you were spending multiple days aboard it you may get bored on a regular Cruise. At least with one of these you’ll be never endingly entertained!

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Shiprocked Cruise

Landscape- 9/10

Food- 9/10

Price- $$$$

Alcohol Price- $$$$

People- happy go lucky party people!

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